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" Exclusivity, engineering and design make these six-figure vehiclesspecial "! Style and technique on the specificity of these values is given 6-digit dollar high valued car unique!

The global automobile market in Financial Under the impact of the crisis in a bleak, especially luxury brands Car , Sales is the lowest ever recorded falls. According to statistics, compared to last year, 2009 sales of luxury brand fell 13%. The top-level luxury sedan is even more severe decline in sales, Rolls-Royce ( Parameter Picture ) And 2008 compared to September of this year's sales down 31% Porsche ( Parameter Picture ) Fell 8%, while Ferrari ( Parameter Picture ) Fell 52%.

Despite the current global economic trends people are not full of confidence, but like high car mentality is in any case not capricious. Forbes recently published a list the world's most luxurious cars! Read more: Forbes published the worst performance of the U.S. vehicle fuel economy

Better than one " To list this list, we first luxury models from the world's top to find out the price of more than 100,000 U.S. dollars for all models , And these models must be in 2010 Listing Sell . "In order to highlight the selection of the luxury theme, Forbes did not have a racing-quality features included in the list of ultra running, such as the Aston Martin ( Picture ), Lamborghini ( Parameter Picture ) And Bugatti ( Parameter Picture ), But did not rule out Ferrari, Ferrari after all, fairly in the United States is a more popular brand. However, the list of this or whether they include a lot of very famous models, but difficult to obtain, at least for most people, here a car is unbearable each.

Dignity and uniqueness Most common feature of these models is the exclusive and unique nature. Take Rolls Royce Ghost Gusi Te (more pictures quotes), it is the latest of four ultra-Rolls Royce limousine. Equipped with the most advanced and luxurious Rolls-Royce configuration, with the words of Forbes that " This car is built to order "Rolls-Royce according to customer demand for its customized. Rolls-Royce sold 500 units in the United States only, sold only 1,200 units worldwide. The Ghost will be in April 2010 in the United States.

Engineering Luxury - Luxury on the manufacturing and process
High prices are not all of the top high car, with a strong driving force is its soul. As Bentley ( Parameter Picture ) Continental ( Parameter Picture ), The car's price USD 275,000, although expensive, but all the Bentley Continental model Supersports is the fastest a. Engineers to the car is equipped with a special drive system, and greatly reducing the shift time, while making more uniform distribution of automotive torque, in turn understeer when the situation does not occur. Porsche

Again 911 ( Parameter Picture ) TurboCabriolet, although inferior to Bentley luxury, but the absolute rate of more than Bentley. The car from standstill to 60 mph takes only 3.3 seconds, top speed of 194 mph. This unique driving experience and the fun is difficult to enterprises and the general model.

Designing Luxury - Luxury style design

Addition to the luxury of two, the pattern design on the luxury of course, is that people see these cars in the first reaction. To achieve this, the major's top companies, while retaining their classic style, but also with a series of ultra-luxurious configuration and decoration. In short, all the models are "elegance" and "power" balance " these cars are about grace, space and pace . "Here let me take a look at this ultra-luxury car Forbes list now!
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Forbes Published A 2010 List The World's Ten Most Luxurious Cars - Automobile Supplies Industry

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Forbes Published A 2010 List The World's Ten Most Luxurious Cars - Automobile Supplies Industry

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