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Situated four degrees south of the equator is a tropical archipelago named Seychelles which offers you the opportunity of a memorable luxury holiday, thousands of miles away from the prying eyes of the world. In ancient times, the myths of hidden treasures drew pirates to these hundred odd islands scattered over the torrid waters of the Indian Ocean. However, today the clear alabaster sands, magnificent coral reefs, the banana and cinnamon plantations, lush hillsides dotted with coconut trees and the feral orchids culminate together to make luxury Seychelles holidays one of the most popular luxury holidays in the world.

Seychelles islands are located towards the north-east of Madagascar and at a distance of 1600 kilometers from Kenya. They comprise of 155 tiny and isolated islands, each island more exquisite than the other. The islands are connected to London via major air carriers such as Air Seychelles, Emirates and Qatar Airways with flights departing from all major airports in London. With temperatures between 24 and 32 degrees almost perennially, luxury Seychelles holidays can be undertaken round the year. Luxury Seychelles holidays are perfect for romantic getaways, beach living, island hopping, deep sea fishing and getting in touch with nature. There are ample opportunities to feast your eyes on some of the rarest species of the pant and animal kingdom.

Luxury Seychelles holidays wouldnt be what they are without the large number of luxury hotels and luxury villas in Seychelles. There are options galore for luxury hotels and villas to cater to all your whims and fancies. Among luxury hotels, Banyan tree Seychelles merits the first mention. Located in the midst of Intendance Bay, this is an exotic little paradise in itself and is perfect for a romantic escapade. It offers you complete privacy in pool villas and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.

Next is Constance Lmuria Resort of Praslin which is characterized by exciting views of egg laying turtles. Discover accommodation luxury at its best accompanied with unmatched service. Soak in the sun and get the essence of true beach living some of the top beaches of the world such as Grande Anse Kerlanand and Anse Georgette. If you are a nature lover, then the crescent-shaped Denis Private Island is just the place for your luxury Seychelles holiday. Get closer to nature by taking long walks through the resorts many beautiful pathways. Special attractions are the outdoor showers and verandahs facing the sea. The other notable luxury hotels are Desroches, Four Seasons, Fregate Island Private,North Island , Maia Luxury Resort & Spa ans Sainte Anne Resort & Spa.

So discover true luxury holidays with luxury Seychelles holidays.
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Luxury Seychelles Holidays

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This article was published on 2010/10/30